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Welcome to our site on peripheral neuropathy. The purpose of this site is to give you information on why the nerves in your feet/hands are breaking down and, more importantly, what you can do about it.

Typically when someone starts to notice some of the symptoms of nerve damage in their feet and hands (numbness/tingling, burning, pain, swelling and weakness) they will go to their doctor and will be prescribed medications such as Lyrica®, Neurontin® or Gabapentin®. These medicationsdo nothing to address the underlying causes of the neuropathy and have many undesired side effects.

At  Harper Natural Health Solutions we practice functional neurology and functional medicineto identify the true causes of neuropathy and then go about correcting them. I go over exactly how we do this in my full length neuropathy video available to you on this website.

The bottom line is that in almost all cases unhealthy and dying nerves can be restored to health. Here is a synopsis of what neurons need to go from an unhealthy state to a healthy one:

  1. Lots of fuel: If you have any blood sugar problem like diabetes or low blood sugar. Or if you have an anemia where you don’t have enough oxygen to “burn” your blood sugar into energy, this has to be improved; B vitamins and an important enzyme called CoQ10 are necessary also for energy production
  2. Proper myelin: the outer sheath of the nerve is known as the myelin sheath; Cholesterol lowering drugs known as stains destroy this sheath
  3. No Inflammation: there are many causes of inflammation which I cover in my video; inflammation must be addressed if you are to properly improve neuropathies
  4. Proper hormones: many hormones, especially thyroid hormone, play a major role in nerve function
  5. Proper neurotransmitters: these are the chemicals that “relay” the message form one neuron to the next
  6. Proper Stimulation: some of you that are reading this may have tried different electrical stimulations in an attempt to improve your neuropathy; although this is an important part of what we do it probably won’t work if 1-5 above are not addressed; in our clinic we use state of the art Hako-Med® micro-current, vibration therapy and low level laser therapies to stimulate the unhealthy neurons back to life.
  7. NO Compression: many who suffer from neuropathies have the nerve roots that exit the spinal column compressed from stenosis, degenerative discs/arthritis in the spine; we use spinal decompression to “lift” the pressure off the nerve roots that travel to the feet or hands

If you are suffering from a neuropathy I invite you to explore this website. Watch the full length video and the video testimonials of people, just like you, who have gotten their lives back from this debilitating illness.